“Look Beyond Looks” — Pelicans Prove the Point

  1. A Pelican looking wise and sage.


2. A Pelican in flight


3. A pelican couple guarding their nest


Note: The first time I saw pelicans (many years ago), they were swimming. And looking at their bulk, I assumed they could not take off into the air or if they did, cannot sustain their flight. How wrong I was!

What if you looked big and clumsy?
You do everything an agile creature does
You fly with grace
Rest atop a tree with ease
Build a nest on a brambly bush
And guard it with care!
You tell the world
To look beyond looks
Which is a lesson 
One seldom finds in books!

Nature’s Mind

Nilgiri pronounced neel-giri — i.e Blue Mountains


You could read the title of my poem also as Nature Is Mind.

Mind is vast. Has big and small notions. And an incredible variety of those. Moods, emotions, attitudes. A huge welter where life goes on non-stop.

The Daily Drama Dose


A sparrow and his mate

sat in the sun and ate

juicy worms and stuff.

Came a cat’s sinister purr

there was a hurried whirr

the pair fled, feathers and fluff.

The cat stalked in there

with his tail in the air

all insouciant and bluff.

Finding himself alone

he gave a baffled moan

And vanished in a huff.

This sort of daily drama dose

is common for those

who observe nature and its stuff.



Well reader, do you identify with this poem? Nature’s drama is routine, wouldn’t you agree?

Life is made of infinite little equations (A mere Twig is someone’s Treasure)

A crow, whose activities I observed for a while, before capturing this moment. From my archives, perhaps more than a year old (?)—I mean the archive date, not the crow’s age 🙂 

This assiduous crow rested half-way to its nest after gathering (tearing/breaking it off from a nearby tree) a twig, longer than itself.

As I watched it in action, I was struck by how a mere twig we would chuck away as litter serves as treasure for another creature.

Such innumerable little equations are what make life a miracle, an enigma, something one must marvel at and respect. You agree, surely?

Nature is a Tutor

Nature is a Tutor.

Eloquent to those who can discern

And mute to those who won’t listen…

She is an open book

And holds life-lessons for your look

Will you turn a blind eye

And cry?

Or will you read her with care

For your welfare?

The tutor awaits her student—

Why be diffident?


Nature Has Geometry…

IMG_7943 (1).jpg

I had captured these frothy waves on my camera a few days ago. Looking at the parallel-line, right-angled waves, I felt awe-struck and came up with a few lines of rhyme:

Nature has geometry

and symmetry…

There is artistry

In all its varied tapestry!

It’s part of our ancestry

And lends itself to loads of poetry…

Let’s not think it paltry

But show it some gallantry!

It’s Crow Time, Folks!

Did you know? Crows are one of the cleverest, most resilient and adaptable bird species!

Here, I present a few fascinating photos from my collection…

  1. “We too know geometry, and what equidistant means. And sometimes, hierarchy rules!”


2. “We always share and eat, and live by the dictum The more, the merrier. Yummy cooked rice!”


3. “We could be as ‘punny’ as the next guy—we are en’light’ened crows”


4. “We are an affectionate couple and can treat each other with warmth”