Someone on a White Horse

IMG_8109 (1)

Here is an afternoon scene from Beach Road, Chennai, India. A man rides by on a white horse, while a bunch of lads watch.

Usually, it is Prince Charming who comes astride white horses. Well, quite possibly, this person is someone’s Prince Charming and is trotting up to meet her!

Tamil New Year

Today is Tamil New Year, the first day of the month called ‘chiththirai.’ It’s celebrated in Tamilnadu, India.

A special dish we make on this day and offer to God (later, we eat it, of course!) is a sort of jam or gravy.

Ingredients include raw mango (sour taste), jaggery (sweet taste), salt, chillies (spicy), and neem flowers (bitter taste).

The dish symbolises life, which is a mix of flavours.

Here’s a photo of the dish I made today:


Owl 🦉 Missile

An owl 🦉 missile blasts off from its launch pad.


This owl and her (his) mate have their home in a hole on this palm-tree stump. I and my husband often spot them lingering on the tree during the afternoon, with wide-open eyes.

And we wonder why on earth they’re not asleep like good nocturnal folk. Nesting is the most likely explanation.

Let Live, Live: Allow Justice to Recover

Let live, live: a new dawn, a new lesson, a new beginning

Live, let live.

Say, just how many people take this lesson in one breath?

Most cling on hard to the first word—Live—until death.

(I am not one to go making this into a pun.

But, if it comes along, I can’t shun it and run).

Well,  when people live and only live

And postpone—or even forget—to let live

What transpires?

A world where justice—big and small—repeatedly expires

Hence, the philosophy under advisement 

Requires a completely different arrangement

Let live and live:

A significant change in perspective 

Everyone needs this new lesson

Then perhaps, some troubles in the world would lessen

Particularly those in positions of power

Ought to Let live and then live—and thus allow justice to recover.


Madras Crocodile Bank Visit: Salt Water Crocodiles and Gharials

Did you check out the Muggers and the American Alligator? Eager for more? Here goes:


A Salt Water Crocodile surfaces for a breather and look-around. It does seem in a ‘rolling eyes’ mood, no?


And here is the ‘snorty’ look that says it all—a disgruntled crocodile about fed up with all the attention. “And don’t you go judging my ‘algaed’ teeth. Your standards don’t apply to my sort, got it?,” is the parting shot from this majestic specimen. Thanks for your time, dear! IMG_0865.jpg

A quick turning away and in moments, a disgusted tail was all that was visible.

Presenting Jaws, the massive Salt Water Crocodile and the STAR attraction here:


“Got some idea about my size?,” asks Jaws, as it pops its head out of its lonely sanctuary.


“That’s about my entire length. Impressive, eh?”


And now for the Gharials, the delicate darlings—their long snouts break easily. The Madras Croc Bank literally brought back the Gharial from extinction to thriving status.


This gharial, enjoying an algae mask, has lost part of its long snout. Look carefully and you will see. Here it is safe and well-cared for.


I got a perfect front view as a Gharial approached.


What a sweet expression! These creatures are shy and far from aggressive. And here’s something about their elongated jaws.





“I am also known as the false Gharial, my long snout is deceptive to untrained eyes,” lectures this Tomistoma. I too mistook it for a Gharial.

Waves: Soothing in their Unrelenting Movement

There’s something soothing about watching (calm—this qualifier being the operative word!) waves. They seem to reflect your state of mind and say, “I understand, my friend.” 

Here’s the Bay of Bengal taken on digital memory from East Coast Road abutting Chennai.

Frothy and colourful, vast and powerful. 

Note: This bay serves to moderate Chennai’s searing temperatures. And we Chennaiites are grateful for its presence!