What was that again? (cute expressions)



Straight From the Horse’s Eye

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While walking on the beach at Mahabalipuram (coastal town outside Chennai, India) last week, I and my husband saw a young lad riding this horse, who is put to work giving rides to beach-goers for cash. Wonder what the creature feels… what message it holds in its eye…

A Red Rose

I am a red rose

About to bloom

I have the power

To dispel gloom

Walk into a garden

Come up to my nook

And take the trouble

To cast me a look

Some pleasurable moments

I can then guarantee

Life as such

Has no warranty…

Special Days


Blue Sky

Fluffy clouds

Fresh leaves

Strong trunks

A visual

So lovely

Made me

Look up

And smile

And imagine

Idle afternoons


Just staring

Dozing dreaming

Reading thinking

Bird watching

Insect observing

Animal interacting

Special days…


World Environment Day


Have upcycled/recycled this plastic bottle into a seedling/plant pot – bottom portion gets water, rope sends water up by capillary action, top portion has soil and plant.

Plan to do more of these for our family farm.

From a hack video on YouTube.

Airing Grapes



Here are some grapes

I put out to air

The urge to eat ’em

Is hard to bear

Don’t they resemble

Molecular structures,

Strewn about like this

In tight clusters?

Filled with goodness

And fresh and luscious

Fruits are food

Magical and precious!