The Fabric of Life



World Environment Day


Have upcycled/recycled this plastic bottle into a seedling/plant pot – bottom portion gets water, rope sends water up by capillary action, top portion has soil and plant.

Plan to do more of these for our family farm.

From a hack video on YouTube.

Airing Grapes



Here are some grapes

I put out to air

The urge to eat ’em

Is hard to bear

Don’t they resemble

Molecular structures,

Strewn about like this

In tight clusters?

Filled with goodness

And fresh and luscious

Fruits are food

Magical and precious!



When the Reflector Reflects Itself


One evening, I sat in Vajrasana in my room with a solitary LED lamp for light. And as it sometimes (ok, many times) happens, I was looking about me imperiously.

I saw this mirror reflected on the adjacent wall and then reflecting its own reflection. Read again, you are bound to understand 😉

A unique play of light, I thought. Plus, it made a mellow old-worldly picture. Hence made a long arm for my mobile and ‘snap’.

Feather in Black


A drongo casts an intent look into the yonder from a thorny bramble — a photograph from an aimless ramble a few months ago, outskirts of Chennai.

Who wouldn’t love the shiny black, the perfect white spot below the beak, the forked tail and the beady eye!


Look who’s trying to get in at my window!


An imaginary silent conversation between me and this persistent visitor into my room:

Who are you?

A pigeon. A bold one. With a personality.

What are you doing?

Just looking in and around.

Why are you here often?

I am just fascinated by this room.

What are you doing, strutting about?

Oh, exploring and stuff.

Aren’t you scared of me being here?

No, I don’t mind you – you seem harmless.

Ah well, so long. Be safe!




A Flower Smiles

A flower smiles

In a little garden

And beams on the world

It has no cordon

Its bright colours

Capture attention

Bees and people

Flock to it in unison

The flower has beauty

Fresh and simple

Enough to give

Food and joy, ample!