A Dove With a Mane = CUTE!


Snapped this cute dove as it splashed in puddles after a summer shower on a neighbouring terrace. Yesterday at Chennai India.



A Dove


A dove walks into my bay window. ❤.

It was doing this twice a day, every day, for over 2 months. Probably looking to nest.

Sometimes, it would bring its mate along. They’d strut for a few minutes, survey the surrounding, give me sidelong glances and push off. ❤.


Distinguished Walkers!

Here are three walkers—birds I caught on camera at various times and locations. Simply loved their grace

  1. Little Egret, North Chennai Backwaters.


2. White-browed Wagtail, from a village (country side) in South Chennai.

Well, there is some cattle dung in the foreground. I didn’t want to edit it out, because I feel it lends a touch of reality to the bird’s habitat.IMG_7979 (1).jpg

3. A pigeon along a parapet, Chennai cityscape.IMG_7984 (1).jpg

“Lovey Dovey”


Caught a couple of doves cuddling in the afternoon sunlight, absorbing the warmth from the sky above and the floor below.

This scene is post a rainy morning today at Chennai, when the usual temperature dipped a bit (note: for us tropical folks, anything less than 25 deg celsius is definitely ‘chilly’).