Even When You Face a Wall

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Even when you face a wall,

Remember there is life

You can grow, blossom and give out fruits…

Possibilities plenty—

Change your path, Go over the hurdle, or Break the block…

May every wall spur action!


Note: When I see this fresh tree, full of life, in front of the mossy, dilapidated wall, I feel the contrast and the endless possibilities in life. Hence the poem above!



Skies may be blue
But clouds await
That’s life
Never always bright
No use trying
To keep clouds at bay
Like it or not
They’re here to stay
Look for the silver lining
Move on
Focus on the brightness…
Unless you’re a moron 😉

A Small Presence

A rose

Strikes a pose

I stop mid-stride

Absorbing the loveliness, bonafide

A small presence

Making a big difference 

In the dreary surrounding

Standing as a blessing

Oh beholder, take care

To see benevolences that stare!

A bouquet

A bouquet on my table

Who can give it a label

Brought from the garden

Nature is the warden

Like a coy smile

That’d beguile

Stands without guilt

Until it must wilt…

Note: some people are like these flowers. They live gently and beautifully and leave quietly. My brother.

The Five Senses

Just a collage for the five senses

The cuck-koo of the koel
The chirp-chirp of the sparrow
Sounds that assuage
Many a little sorrow

The blue of the skies
The cobalt of the sea
Sights that lift
Many a broken spirit

The aroma of flowers
The fragrance of wet soil
Smells that soothe
Many a troubled mind

The sweet of fruits
The crunch of nuts
Tastes that nourish
Many a fatigued palate

The cool of a soft breeze
The feel of a warm sun
Touches that enliven
Many a dead hope


We want to have

A say in everything

But, seldom have the data

To say the right thing


Opinions are welcome—

That’s our perspective

But, forcing specific decisions

Is far from supportive


So, when someone has troubles

And wants a solution

We must listen with care

And guide them to one!



Colour Colour Everywhere

Colour, colour everywhere

Nature’s daily wear!

To the red of a rose

Your heart, don’t close

To the white of a daisy

Turn your whimsy

To the yellow of a sunflower

Bend your fervour

To the pink of a lotus

Show some fuss

To the green of trees

Don’t ever freeze

To all the colours of nature

Bow, an ardent creature!

There Goes A Lady

There goes a lady

Looking for a spot shady

To rest her weary head

And a few tears to shed

Life at times is dour

Some make it sour

She sorts out her thoughts

And removes some knots

Makes a few decisions

And draws plans for actions

Presently, she walks away

Her tread is strong and gay!

Rhyme Time

Switch off the light

Sleep tight

The whole night

Dream of delight

Hope for height

Recall your might

Do what is right

Keep success in sight

Give fair fight 

Improve your plight