Life can be






But in all this, there is a lesson– there is “be”


Skies may be blue
But clouds await
That’s life
Never always bright
No use trying
To keep clouds at bay
Like it or not
They’re here to stay
Look for the silver lining
Move on
Focus on the brightness…
Unless you’re a moron 😉

Wild Almond Tree

Walking by the wild almond tree

Looking up to read its secrets

Amidst the bright green leaves

The spreading branches

The numerous nest homes

I felt a strong presence

A support system

Where many lives came and went

One life that stood

As if for eternity

Watching and waiting…

“For what?,”

I left wondering

With a quiet sigh and smile…

Note: this beautiful tree stands at All India Radio, Chennai, along the Bay of Bengal.

A Beautiful Red Eye

We hear so much

About “The bird’s eye view”

Hey birdie

What does the world

Seem to be

Through your eye?

Perched at that height

Vulnerable… yet free?

Does instinct let

You see

Only food and nest and mate?

Or do you also think

Thoughts and dreams, great?

And feel emotions

That won’t abate?

It is Dusk

A bird is back

To stop in its nest

It is dusk

Time to rest

A hush steals in

The sky turns golden

It is dusk

Come to soothen

Darkness descends

The world shuts down

It is dusk

Your oats… are sown!

Should You Share or Sell Ideas?

If you wish to share an idea 
with one or more people
You might well be on your way
to start a debate without a shackle.


If you want to sell an idea
you could turn desperate
and you might start an argument
that may not remain temperate.

Debates or arguments?
The question that crops up at every step!
Choose wisely in life
And get yourself growth and pep.