When you see a few smudges on the floor…

… and you can make out some figure there, what do you do?

Well, this once I took a snap and drew the face I saw there in my mind’s eye.

The Five Senses

Just a collage for the five senses

The cuck-koo of the koel
The chirp-chirp of the sparrow
Sounds that assuage
Many a little sorrow

The blue of the skies
The cobalt of the sea
Sights that lift
Many a broken spirit

The aroma of flowers
The fragrance of wet soil
Smells that soothe
Many a troubled mind

The sweet of fruits
The crunch of nuts
Tastes that nourish
Many a fatigued palate

The cool of a soft breeze
The feel of a warm sun
Touches that enliven
Many a dead hope

God is a Grand Humourist

While a human eye has a hundred emotions,
and a human face holds a hundred lines,
When I look into an animal’s eye
and at its face,
All that I see is acceptance of and the will to cope with
the present moment,
whatever that might be:
Cheer, fear, pain, excitement.

When God gave humans additional faculties,
He took away some important ones.
While He let them enjoy more,
He also let them suffer more—
at their own hands.

Well, don’t I know? God is a grand humourist!


Sri’s Rama: Events Lead to Destiny


Hanuman, the divine monkey. Photo courtesy: my husband, Arunkumar. Taken en route to Salem, from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Sri’s Rama is my book of verse, based on Vamiki’s Ramayana, the divine epic of India. 

A quick recap of the story thus far:

Sage Narada is narrating to Sage Valmiki (who is destined to compose the Sri Ramayana) the story of the divine Rama, in short:

Rama is born to Dasaratha and Kaushalya in the virtuous Ikshvaku clan, with three brothers, Bharath, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. He is married to princess Sita. 

Bharatha is away at his uncle’s. Dasaratha decides to crown Rama king. But, Bharath’s mother Kaikeyi traps the king with his earlier promises. She gains the kingdom for Bharatha for 14 years and demands Rama’s exile for the same period. 

Rama enters the forest. Sita and Lakshmana insist on accompanying Him. Bharatha returns and is shocked at the turn of events; he rushes after Rama and begs Him to take the kingship—that loyal and loving brother refuses to ascend the throne—he vows to remain Rama’s slave and nothing else. The loving Rama gives His footwear to rule in His stead and sends Bharatha back to their kingdom.

The narrative continues…


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