Photographed during a recent trip to Vijayawada, South India.

Here’s a river

Swollen with water.

Oh what joy.

Water. Tasteless, odourless, colourless.

The elixir of life, nevertheless.

To be loved. Forever.

To be revered. Always.

To be thanked. Every day. Many times.

To be saved. Every drop. At all times.

Shall we?

Drenching Rains, Rumbling Thunders.

Water puddles, little whirls, plants weighed down by rain, wet flowers–some of the pleasing signs of rain.

Oh. The anxious wait is over.
A warm welcome to you, North East Monsoon!
After days and days of hot sun and humid hours
You are most welcome.

I am grateful you have arrived with rich gifts.
Drenching rains, rumbling thunders,
The occasional lightning flashes,
And the titillating chill breeze.

I am content watching you.
And listening to the thrashing sounds you make,
And touching your cool needle-like waters
As you descend joyfully on all life

Once again, welcome.
May your arrival be auspicious.
A small request to you:
Be bountiful, but calm and gentle.

Leave us your precious waters,
Bless us with full fields and waterways.
As you can see, we are changing.
And are making careful efforts to save your gift.

When Water becomes Wave



becomes this…


It seems to me, it is the same with our lives. An incident, a person, an idea—something that turns latent power into a force.

Well, sit with/in nature, and you cannot fail to hear it whisper something or the other!

My Quest for a Story (Becomes a Poem)


There was a time

When without reason or rhyme

I wanted to write a story

and earn some glory.

I sat down to write,

with anticipation bright.

How little I knew

about finding ideas new!

Alas, right from the word ‘go’,

I was stuck, and how!

I found my mind a blank

all sluggish and dank.

And after many a futile hour

I gave up my endeavour.

But, the desire to write has lingered—

it’s never been hindered.

And I wait for inspiration

without ado or desperation.

While thus pouring out my heart

My paper has filled up, I realise with a start!

Dear me, my struggles have not been in vain:

a poem of sorts is my gain!

I still hope to write a story some day,

Long or short—I cannot yet say.


Note: People, inserted this lily flower (I had photographed several months ago) in the post, though it has nothing to do with the poem. Just wanted to add something beautiful and thought this would do very well!