Earth Day


A ‘mogra’ plant has sprouted several buds.


What does Earth Day mean to me?

I pondered over it an entire day


If I can feel or establish

A connect with earth

Then every day would be Earth Day

Not just for me, but for everyone


Having a terrace garden of my own

With a few flowering plants and herbs

I had a chance to observe

At close quarters

The behaviour of plants.

And it is helping me

Develop an intuition

About their condition.


“Why are the leaves yellow?

What are ants doing on this plant?

How come water is draining away?

When will this bud bloom?”


I have activated a connection

That can deepen

And help me scale and work out

Self vis-a-vis Earth

Have you thought about You vis-a-vis Earth?


Night Show

Nature’s own night lamp

Sleeping under the sky


Where does a flower grow?!

We usually see flowers growing near the top of a tree.

On a recent shopping trip, I was surprised to see one flower growing right near the base of a tree.

Here it is for you to see – and either feel surprised too or think of times you have seen a similar sight!

One Little Bird

You come to the tree

and twitter away

Exhibit some spirit

and hold me in sway

You jump about

With restless energy

And commune with your mate

in complete synergy

Watching you every morn

And hearing your song

Gives me joy

All day long

Colour Colour Everywhere

Colour, colour everywhere

Nature’s daily wear!

To the red of a rose

Your heart, don’t close

To the white of a daisy

Turn your whimsy

To the yellow of a sunflower

Bend your fervour

To the pink of a lotus

Show some fuss

To the green of trees

Don’t ever freeze

To all the colours of nature

Bow, an ardent creature!

There Goes A Lady

There goes a lady

Looking for a spot shady

To rest her weary head

And a few tears to shed

Life at times is dour

Some make it sour

She sorts out her thoughts

And removes some knots

Makes a few decisions

And draws plans for actions

Presently, she walks away

Her tread is strong and gay!

Should You Share or Sell Ideas?

If you wish to share an idea 
with one or more people
You might well be on your way
to start a debate without a shackle.


If you want to sell an idea
you could turn desperate
and you might start an argument
that may not remain temperate.

Debates or arguments?
The question that crops up at every step!
Choose wisely in life
And get yourself growth and pep.